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            About Us

            Shanghai Merrray Exhibition Service Co., Ltd is committed to the global exhibition design and production structure of professional brand promotion Service Corporation

            About Us

            About Us

            Merray exhibition set up so far,Professional experience in exhibition for over 10 years.Provide comprehensive service to customers with exhibitions and related properties.Adhere to innovative design with professional experience and exclusive service,Provide customers with the need to deliver a message to create brand best value.

            We offer efficient, sustainable, creative solutions and reasonable budget for customers both in business space and activity planning.Each year we undertake the design and production of projects in China and other more than 30 countries to achieve.Located in the China regional headquarters of Shanghai, it is your local best partners and international standards of quality standards!


            Plan:Listen to customer communication needs and objectives,And the planning into the most appropriate design strategy in space
            Design:Experienced designers with many creative and comprehensive experience.Provide exhibition, event planning, exhibition of creative design, a full range of commercial office space
            Executive:Accurate and pragmatic execution,And continuously explore new material and construction technology to use,To maximize the benefits of customers
            Service:Exclusive service mode,Take team service mode for individual projects to provide customers with professional service quality.
            Our Values
            Exhibition is like a channel, we uphold the quality of artisans that providing a platform for manufacturers with perfectionism and comsumer with perfectionism to generate multiple benefits to accomplish each client.
             Our Service 
             Design,plan and construction of exhibiton & display
            Design,construction of display hall,museum & planning exhibition center etc.
            Event planning and execution
            Design,decoration of boutique,office & conmmercial space etc.
            Design,production of commercial shoppe etc.

            Merray Exhibition
            • 地址: No70,Lane1658,Pujin road pudong newdistrict,ShangHai
            • 電話: 021-34696720
            • Email: merray_ryan@163.com
            • 周一 - 周五: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
              周六 - 周日: 休息

            ©Copyright 2015 - .Merray Exhibition All rights reserved.

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